• Wide-field 3D ultrasound acquisition enabled by SonoVol® technology allows for high-throughput imaging with scan times that range from 20-90 seconds per animal, with most imaging taking less than 1 minute.
  • 3 imaging bays allows for 3 mice to be interrogated at a time. As soon as they are finished, place them back in their cage and repeat for animals 4-6.
  • Quick, Easy, and Reproducible. No Sonographer required.

No Sonographer? No Problem!

High Throughput in Action

  • With an integrated, real-time camera, see exactly where the ultrasound probe is in the scanning process.
  • As soon as mouse #1 is finished, put it back in its cage.
  • You can even place mouse #4 on imaging bay #1 while mouse #2 is being scanned in imaging bay #2.
  • When mouse #2 finishes in imaging bay #2, the ultrasound probe moves to mouse/imaging bay #3.
  • Quick, Easy, and Reproducible. No Sonographer required. 
  • A technician simply places mice on the imaging platform and presses ‘go’.

No Sonographer? No Problem!

We are excited to announce that SonoVol is now part of PerkinElmer. Learn more.