Shear Wave Elastography Imaging (SWEI) Webinar

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A conversation about Shear Wave Elastography Imaging (SWEI) | SonoVol

Description: Join Dr. Ryan Gessner and guest Dr. Chris Moore from SonoVol for a conversation about shear wave elastography imaging (SWEI).

Tissue Stiffness, derived from SWEI, is a biomarker for liver disease: As a result of repetitive or long-lasting injury or inflammation in the liver, scarring (fibrosis) occurs causing the tissue to get stiffer, which increases SWEI measurements. In the clinic, SWEI is used to non-invasively monitor the onset and progression of nearly every type of chronic liver disease including hepatitis B and C, alcoholic diseases, dysmetabolic steatopathies (NASH), and biliary conditions.

SWEI has also been explored in a variety of other tissues, including kidney, muscle and many more which are discussed in this video.