No Sonographer? No Problem!

A turnkey solution for volumetric imaging of preclinical models


  • The Vega® is the world’s first hands-free, automated preclinical ultrasound system.
  • Rodents are placed on an imaging pad, and wide-field 3D images are captured in minutes.
  • Collect highly accurate anatomical measurements with excellent soft tissue contrast and resolution.
  • Evaluate microvasculature with optional Acoustic Angiography contrast-enhanced imaging module.
  • No sonographer required!

3D Ultrasound in action: collect your 3D data set in less than 1-minute

Vega® in Action

C-planes reconstructed from 3D volumetric data in three mice with subcutaneous tumors (orange arrows).

Acoustic Angiography allows microvasculature to be explored

Short axis M-mode of heart (left ventricle)

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