SonoVol moves to First Flight Venture Center

As the engineering team grows and product development efforts continue, SonoVol has transitioned from UNC’s Kickstart Lab space to the First Flight Venture Center (FFVC), a technology incubator located in the heart of Research Triangle Park. The incubator was established in 1991 specifically to serve the initial needs of entrepreneurs and early stage companies in the Research Triangle area.

“FFVC offers 20,000 square feet of office and laboratory space for up to 40 emerging technology and life science entities. FFVC has more than 20 years’ experience in successfully launching new businesses in North Carolina. This success lies in FFVC’s turnkey approach—the ability to enable client businesses to reduce both their initial capitalization requirements and their annual operation costs by providing affordable space with flexible terms, shared business services, technology support services, and management guidance and counseling. First Flight offers an on-going, informal mentorship program provided by other successful entrepreneurs in a variety of industry sectors, which has proven to increase the viability and success of our clients. FFVC strives to produce companies that graduate from our facility as financially viable and freestanding businesses. These incubator graduates migrate into the mainstream of the business community, creating jobs and commercializing important new technologies that contribute to a stronger North Carolina economy.”

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