In vivo imaging tools from SonoVol® let you study tumor biology and response to therapy over time.

Image the soft tissue of tumors with unparalleled clarity

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  • Biology doesn’t happen in two dimensions – SonoVol imaging technology enables true volumetric tumor measurements not possible with calipers.
  • Visualize tumors in the context of the broader anatomy with wide-field imaging not possible with conventional hand-held ultrasound
  • No geometrical assumptions + excellent soft tissue contrast = more accurate measurements and smaller error bars.
  • High Throughput Imaging in less than one minute per animal. Quick, Easy and Reproducible.
  • Evaluate both orthotopic and subcutaneous models.
  • Instantiate new models using image-guided injection

Study primary and metastatic tumors with bioluminescence imaging (BLI)

  • Leverage the power of BLI to quantify tumor activity and metabolic function.
  • Functional BLI data can be co-registered with anatomical data from ultrasound.
  • Single cell sensitivity for early detection of metastases.
  • Available on IVIS® imaging systems provided by our parent company, PerkinElmer.

Visualize the microvascular network supplying a tumor in minutes

Video demonstrating 3D Acoustic Angiography
(tumor indicated in blue)

Tumors imaged over time with Acoustic Angiography

Czernuszewicz, T.J. et al 2018. A new preclinical ultrasound platform for widefield 3D imaging of rodents. Review of Scientific Instruments, 89(7), p.075107. (Pubmed link)

  • Microvasculature and angiogenic changes can reveal response to therapy sooner than tumor size.
  • Using Acoustic Angiography imaging module enabled by SonoVol®, tumor blood vessel network morphology (BVM) and vessel density (BVD) can be evaluated.

Analysis of drug toxicity

Heart detected automatically

Short-axis m-mode

4D echocardiography

  • Cancer therapeutics can induce off-target effects, including cardiotoxicity.
  • Measure left ventricular ejection fraction (EF) and fractional shortening (FS) to evaluate toxicity of candidate drugs.
  • Tumor and cardiac measurements can be performed during the same imaging session without moving the mouse.
  • Never question your cardiac data integrity again with automated M-mode positioning!
  • Coming soon: non-ECG gated 4D cardiac imaging!
  • CT data from figure above adapted from open source DigiMouse atlas.
    • Dogdas, B., et al. (2007). Digimouse: a 3D whole body mouse atlas from CT and cryosection data. Physics in medicine and biology, 52(3), 577-87. (Pubmed Link)

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