Rapid evaluation of both kidneys in 3D has never been easier.

Want to see it in action?

Quantitatively assess both kidneys in a single 1 minute scan

Data collected in collaboration with the Romero and Kline labs at The Mayo Clinic.

  • Visualize both kidneys in a single rapid wide-field ultrasound scan.
  • Kidney size can be accurately quantified both in vivo for longitudinal studies or ex vivo for terminal studies.
  • Data correlates very highly with MRI, as seen in the above plot. Use the Vega® as a screening tool to better time MRI studies or study endpoints.
  • Robotic 3D scanning ensures reproducible and consistent imaging data with low operator variability.
  • Use high-throughput scanning (3x mice, 1 min/mouse) for large cohort studies.

Study kidney microvasculature

  • Visualize how pathology modifies vessel architecture with Acoustic Angiography, the patented contrast-enhanced imaging approach from SonoVol®.
  • Assess changes to kidney perfusion in response to therapeutics or genetic modifications.
  • Quickly identify aberrant tissue characteristics, such as tumors or cysts.

Choose from several 3D feature quantification modes


Quick and easy


Highly accurate

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In vivo and ex vivo kidney volume measurements are well correlated. r = Pearson corr; rho = Spearman corr; r2 = coefficient of determination

Kidney volume increases as a function of both age and sex of mouse (N=4 kidneys per group).

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