Rapid evaluation the liver in 2D or 3D has never been easier.

NASH CDAHFD model taken at 1 and 8 weeks showing increased liver volume, grayscale value for steatosis and shear modulus for fibrosis and inflammation. Data correlate with histology. SWE = Shear Wave Elasticity, CT = Control, CDA = Choline-deficient


Robotic data collection enables liver assessment without a trained sonographer

  • High-throughput imaging workflow with scan times that range from 20-60 seconds per animal.
  • Three imaging bays allows for 3 mice, rats, or other small animal models to be imaged at a time.
  • Utilize Vega’s robotic automation, requiring no hand-held probe! No Sonographer? No problem!

No Sonographer? No Problem!

Acoustic Angiography can be used to explore vascularity of the liver

  • Collect world class microvasculature images in minutes using Acoustic Angiography.
  • Using our multi-frequency transducer and our VesselVue® microbubbles, see more than ever!

Shear wave elastography can be used to explore tissue stiffness


  • As fibrosis progresses, tissue stiffness is known to increase.
  • Shear wave elastography allows tissue stiffness to be measured noninvasively.
  • Explore changes in liver disease over time in response to injury/therapy..
  • Measure functional information about the liver in a consistent and reproducible manner.
  • Investigate multiple diseases including: NASH, liver fibrosis, NAFLD

Murine model of NASH (choline-deficient, high-fat diet)

  • The entire liver can be scanned with increased field of view technology enabled by SonoVol®.
  • High resolution data in both tissue and vascular modes allows fat deposits, tumors, and fibrosis to be evaluated non-invasively and quantitatively.
  • Liver Imaging provides rapid assessment of steatosis in 3D.