Cardiac ultrasound imaging is difficult,
if you're still using a
hand held probe.

Visualize the heart in 4D

  • Volumetric LV measurement is the gold standard for assessing asymmetrical cardiac pathologies (i.e. myocardial infarction).
  • SonoVol® has developed a method to reconstruct 4D echocardiograms allowing retrospective cardiac measurements in any slice plane.
  • Put three mice down, and press go.
  • Collect 4D videos in < 2 min
  • No ECG or respiration gating required!

M-Mode 360 – Functional Measurements from 4D Data

  • Retrospectively acquire M-modes directly from the 4D scan.
  • Assess infarct, cardiomyopathy, and more, using the complete 4D dataset provided by the Vega® system.

AI-Enabled Software to Automatically Analyze M-Mode Data

  • AI automatically segments cardiac boundaries and computes LV functional parameters.

Save time and money by letting our AI do the work

Quit spending your time reading M-modes! Let SonoEQ™ do the legwork so you can get back to your research!

Find the heart quickly and repeatably using our rapid heart-localization scan

  • Using SonoVol’s wide-field acquisition platform, a scout-scan of the abdomen/chest region is captured and the location of the heart is automatically identified.
  • Robotic stages ensure that motion (M)-mode line placement is reproducible without the need for a trained sonographer.
  • Global left ventricular (LV) function is measured and calculated including ejection fraction (EF), fractional shortening (FS), cardiac output (CO), and LV mass.